I Should Be Dead If Not For Them

Non-urban, community-sized hospitals often have a perception that does not live up to the reality of the great care they deliver every day. Here’s one patient’s amazing story from a non-urban hospital in Arkansas.

Friday I had a great day with my husband. I went to bed feeling a little tired about 10:30 p.m. No biggie since I had been up since 5:30 a.m. and had been doing things all day around the house.

At 2 a.m. I awoke from a dead sleep dry heaving and very nauseated. That’s it. The only symptoms. By 2:20 I was in some pain but thought it was from heaving so hard. I woke my husband up who insisted I go to the ER. I did to shut him up and get something for the nausea. Thank God I did. With no prior symptoms or problems I was having a heart attack. Had another one while at the ER. They decided to care flight me to WF. I called my sister. I was doing good, that was until I had a massive heart attack and died. From my understanding it took the RN’s who jumped into immediate action (2 of which had just walked into the ER to start their day) and the doctor 8 mins to get me back, and they did.

I was care flighted, spent the day in ICU, then had a heart cath. According to the cardiologist if it was not for the nurses and the doctor here in I would be dead, should be dead, and they shouldn’t have been able to bring me back. Furthermore, I have absolutely no heart damage. I had one artery at 98% blockage. Another at 50%, so we’re going to monitor that one.

Again, according to the cardiologist, thanks to the team here and their quick actions I’m still able to take my anniversary trip to Vegas next week. There are some stipulations, but still I should be dead and I’m going to Vegas. I can’t be left alone for a month. Did you miss the part where i should be dead? My sister, my husband, my whole family rallied around. The doctor thought I would have more family support. The nurse then informed him that this was only a 1 waiting room ICU and the waiting room was packed too and not all the kids were there yet.

Don’t tell me prayer doesn’t work. Big thank you to all my family by blood or choice and all the nurses and doctors. Also, I may not be in fighting condition for a year, but the next time you want to bad mouth the little old ER here, remember I died. I SHOULD BE DEAD. Shut your mouth, pray to whoever you pray to that they are there and continue to be there. I know I will for the rest of my life. Because in case you missed it, I should be dead if not for them.

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