Are you neglecting 41 percent of your market?

If you’re not concerned that your social media program isn’t being effective as it could be in marketing your hospital, you should be. According to a recent survey, 41 percent of patients said social media affects their choice of a hospital or medical facility. Brentwood Communications offers a full range of social media advertising services […]

Facing the Facts About Facebook. And It’s All Good.

The growth in the number of hospitals using social media has skyrocketed in just the past few years. In 2010, only 18 percent of hospital had a Facebook account. Today that number had grown to 99 percent. In contrast, only about 50 percent of hospitals today have a Twitter account. So why are hospitals making […]

How Facebook Provides A Face-To-Face with Your Customers

How can your hospital’s advertising become more effective and efficient by targeting exactly the audience you want to reach with pinpoint accuracy? Consider the power of using Facebook ads. Let’s say you want to promote your hospital’s mammography technology and expertise. With Facebook targeted advertising, you can specify your audience by gender (female) and age […]

How Facebook Is Making Hospitals Face The Music

Part of a continuing series on optimizing your hospital’s Facebook presence. Facebook is one of the most popular websites on the Internet, with approximately 1.28 billion monthly active users. Hospitals nationwide are using Facebook to increase customer loyalty, enhance their brand and communicate with their audience. But Buyer Beware: Facebook has made one notable change […]

How The End of World War II Can Benefit Hospitals Today

They’re coming. The Baby Boom Generation. 76 million strong. Is your hospital ready? The Baby Boom Generation began in 1946, almost nine months exactly from the end of World War II. In 1946, 3.4 million babies were born in the United States, 20 percent higher than in 1945. By 1964, almost 40 percent of the […]

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

In 2014, the number of mobile Internet users surpassed the number of desktop users. Unfortunately, many hospital websites have not been designed for optimal viewing on mobile devices. This often creates a frustrating experience for the viewer and serious consequences for the website’s effectiveness. According to recent studies, when someone has a negative experience looking […]

What A Huge Email Marketer Has To Say About Direct Mail

There’s a perception out there that direct mail is Old School—especially when compared to email marketing. But that’s not the case according to a recent study by a global leader in database marketing. It found that “direct mail is consumers’ top choice for receiving brand communications in almost every category,” including health. Quite a statement […]

Hitch Your Wagon to a National Health Campaign

February is American Heart Month, the perfect time and opportunity to advertise and generate awareness about the cardiac services your hospital provides. American Heart Month, sponsored by the American Heart Association, is a national promotion designed to raise awareness about heart disease. By publicizing your cardiac services during February, you’ll be riding the coattails of […]

How Hospitals Connect During The Holidays

Match the message with what’s on people’s minds. That’s critically important to generate traffic in social media. In December, for example, everybody is thinking about the holidays. So NorthShore University HealthSystem in the Chicago area created a holiday-themed health and safety guide that matched the 12 days of Christmas. Using infographics, their “12 Holiday Health […]

The 1 Percent = $10,000,000 Equation

It’s a critical question for any non-urban hospital: “How much revenue are we losing because of outmigration?” FREE Outmigration report for your hospital. Contact us at 615-425-0821 or email To answer it, Brentwood Communications recently conducted a research study of 40 non-urban community hospitals, ranging in size from 25 to 225 beds, across the […]