Techno Medicine

Smartphones Offer Smart Solutions for Physicians The use of mobile devices by physicians in a pro­fessional capacity continues to increase at a dramatic rate. It’s estimated that 80% of all U.S. physicians were using smartphones by 2012. Contrast that number with 2001, when only about 30 percent of physicians used smartphone technology. Physicians are using […]

The Power of “e”

E-Prescribing Technologies Reduces Errors Handwritten prescriptions are prone to mistakes because pharmacists often have a difficult time reading a physician’s handwriting. Another cause of errors is the fact that physicians often do not have access to a complete an accurate medication list for the patient. As a result, it’s estimated that 530,000 adverse drug events […]

Interview with Jane Lee Robertson – Hillside Hospital

  Nestled away in the hills of Pulaski, Tennessee, you’ll find Hillside Hospital, described by many as a small town hospital offering exceptional medical care. Like many hospitals across the nation, Hillside Hospital is located just a few miles away from a large regional medical center. Brentwood Communications recently had the opportunity to sit down […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Is Here!

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an international health campaign that heightens awareness, empowers survivors, and helps in preventing the disease. Brentwood Communications has joined forces with hospitals across the nation in an effort to reach communities and change lives. Our annual National Mammography Campaign is an effective, field-tested and proven direct mail campaign […]

UGA Health Center Celebrates Perfect JCAHO Score!

Department Manager Barbara Mathers was elated to learn that there were “no findings” (meaning everything is perfect) reported in their recent JCAHO visit…a rare circumstance indeed! Mathers is part of the leadership team at UGA Health Center, which serves students at University of Georgia in Athens.  The Health Center is rewarding its staff with a […]