Hospital compliance departments are expected to provide all employees with code of conduct. But how do you engage your employees about these issues when long speeches, printed manuals or decades-old training videos can be tedious and out-of-date? What you need is a fresh, informative, but still fun way to engage your employees while training them on the necessary code of conduct techniques they need to know.

These entertaining 1-2 minute videos show the WRONG way to handle the issue followed by the RIGHT way! Play the first half of each video to introduce the subject and set up the “Ethical Dilemma”, then pause the DVD and invite your group to offer suggestions on how the situation should be handled. Following an interactive discussion, continue the video to demonstrate the best method to handle the issue.

Field tested and received with great enthusiasm. Keep employees interested and attentive, and let them have some fun while pursuing the program.

We provide options for a variety of training scenarios – from comical animated shorts to sample scripts and prop suggestions to involve staff members in interactive role play opportunities. BCI can also work with your facility to customize workbooks, videos and more with your company logo and information. For more details and pricing information, please call us at (615) 425-0821 or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.








We will gladly customize a complete Code of Conduct package that will
specifically fit the needs of your facility and your training purposes.

For example, you can choose to take advantage of our videos and have us customize them with your facility information and logo if you wish. These short animations, running approximately 1-2 minutes each in length, are playable on DVD players and computers. You can even hook your equipment to a standard projector to display your videos on a full-size projection screen.

You also have the option to expand your customized program by upgrading to our complete compliance package, which includes not only your animated videos, but also comes with a detailed Facilitator’s Guide and various role play scripts and scenarios.


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