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UGA Health Center Celebrates Perfect JCAHO Score!

Department Manager Barbara Mathers was elated to learn that there were “no findings” (meaning everything is perfect) reported in their recent JCAHO visit…a rare circumstance indeed! Mathers is part of the leadership team at UGA Health Center, which serves students at University of Georgia in Athens.  The Health Center is rewarding its staff with a very special luncheon party to celebrate the accomplishment.

The idea to celebrate is a great way to say thank you and recognize the hard work that goes on all year to be ready for the surprise visits that may come from JCAHO at any moment. It’s the kind of surprise visit that makes hospital and health facility staff nervous until its over and the report is made known! It’s not something that a health center or hospital can altar once The Joint Commission arrives …the work has to be done all year, everyday to make sure every checkpoint is covered. So a good report is more like a check up summary of what the hospital or health center has achieved in meeting standards set by JCAHO all year long.

And a good report like UGA Health Center  received is worth celebrating! Congrats to all…you’ve proven that it is possible to get a perfect score!

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