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Are you ignoring the most trusted form of advertising?

Imagine two scenarios.

1) You see a TV commercial for a new restaurant in town.

2) Next day, you talk to a trusted friend who raves about the same restaurant.

Which one of these recommendations is more believable, more likely to cause you to visit the new restaurant?

If you said #2, you’re in good company.

According to a recent survey by Nielsen (the TV ratings company), 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising.

So how can your hospital take advantage of the fact that consumers trust word-of-mouth?

Patient testimonials. Why?

They get people talking: “Did you see so-and-so in the paper.” Many people will recognize the patients featured or be familiar with their place in the community and want to know more about their hospital experience.

So include patient testimonials on your website or post them on social media.

Another strategy: Many hospitals have found great success in creating a patient testimonial campaign that runs in the local newspaper.

Here at BCI, we’ve written a white paper detailing how to use a patient-testimonial strategy, which we call Community Based Marketing (CBM), for maximum impact. It’s yours FREE, simply by calling or sending an email to

BCI has created CBM campaigns for over a hundred hospitals nationwide. We believe it’s a great opportunity to fight outmigration. That’s because the people we’ve interviewed have consistently expressed their delight that the level of care they received at their local community hospital far exceeded their experience at a larger out-of-town medical facility.

So don’t forget to use patient testimonials in your marketing. The local buzz will be all about your hospital—and all positive too.

BCI’s expert team can show you the most effective ways to market your facility!

Call us today for more information:

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Vice President – Account Development
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