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Communicating Safety During A Pandemic

As Covid-19 continues, hospitals and health systems across the country are looking for ways to communicate that they are open and that it is safe to return. 

At BCI, we have had the privilege of working through these trying times with our hospitals to help create messaging campaigns with the overall goal of communicating that the hospital is safe to come to. 

Our most successful campaigns have been those in which the CEO’s have led the way to set the tone of the campaign followed by constituent groups throughout the hospital who echo the same brand message.  Including members of the Board of Trustees, Physicians, Nurses, Leadership Staff and others. 

The second phase utilizes BCI’s CBM, (Community Based Marketing,) by featuring testimonials from patients, employees, and community leaders.  Often those who are most credible to what is happening at the hospital.

If you would like to discuss strategies on how to effectively communicate that your hospital is not only open, but most importantly, safe, BCI would love to connect with you.

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