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Is My Website ADA Compliant? Maybe, But With A Free Audit Report From BCI You Can Know For Sure.

Did you know that 27% of all healthcare spending comes from patients with disabilities?

While your existing website may be feature rich, pleasing to the eye and full of the information your visitors are looking for, are you sure that it is ADA compliant? 

Perhaps you weren’t aware that there are disabilities that make it difficult for certain people to access, view and even use your website. 

Title III of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits the discrimination of persons with physical and other disabilities.  In 2018, websites were included as well since they are “places of public accommodation.” 

You may now be wondering if your current site is compliant.  The answer is, probably not. 

BCI offers an affordable solution called SmartAccess, which is a SAAS software that is AI powered and meets the WCAG AA standard, which is what the courts and DOJ now consider the de facto standard. 

ADA accessibility matters because it’s the law.  But, it’s also good business.  

Learn more about this smart, defensive strategy for your hospital’s website by contacting Hamp Morrison at 615-425-0821 or

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