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Do You Really Care? Part 2

Do you really care? Part 2 – By Bruce Loeffler, Customer Service Expert

Did you know that Servicide© is impacting your hospital? Servicide is a combination of service and suicide that I see throughout the country.

Here’s my definition: Servicide is “the service we provide that offends and frustrates our patients and co-workers.” Attitudes such as coldness, condescension, rudeness, apathy, the brush off, or plastic and callous staff are destroying patients’ trust in us and in each of our co-workers.

We can help you.

I created Disney World’s service excellence model and have trained over 130 hospitals on improving service and HCAHPS Scores.

Check out my book, “The Experience,” log onto BCI’s Customer Experience Training or call 615-425-0821 to help transform your service.

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