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The I C.A.R.E.© Difference

The I C.A.R.E.© Difference – By Bruce Loeffler, Customer Service Expert


For many years, the Disney corporation has been known for their exceptional customer service.  I had the unique opportunity to work with Disney for 10 years and was asked to create a new position to improve and oversee the service Experience for the Parks. After leaving Disney, I moved to Texas and taught the course “Service Excellence” at TCU. A local hospital sent their executive team to attend the course and subsequently asked me to train their staff, leaders and doctors. 

I’ve since trained over 100 hospitals, typically small and rural facilities across the country.  The training we have developed is called “WOWmanship” which I call S.E.E.D. or Simple Excellence Executed Daily.  Everyday we create an Experience that is one of three things: Positive, Negative or Neutral…and two of those are unacceptable.  Wowmanship is about establishing a Culture of Excellence throughout the hospital. Without instilling a Culture and holding every member of the staff, leadership and the Doctors accountable, we cannot reach my goal for you…to become the best hospital in your state.  From my experience, it isn’t so much about a new building, new equipment or more money, rather it is about the pride, the passion and the purpose we instill in each and every person in our facility.

We’ve designed “Wowmanship” to instill wows into everything we do.  We would be pleased to bring the I C.A.R.E. Principles to your hospital that will help differentiate your people and your hospital from other hospitals. 

I –


first and last impressions are critical to the hospital’s success,each staff member if the F.A.C.E.© of your hospital, patient complaints are often a people skill, not a clinical skill issue, the #1 attribute of staff, courtesy equals respect, the six keys to improving HCAHPS, cleanliness is paramount

C –


communication break-downs, congruence vs incongruence, how to connect and build rapport with others, teamentality © – how to create a safe, cohesive environment, eight ways to simplify communication, building a sense of trust, the essential role of compassion – sensing what they feel

A –


“Attitude is the filter of everything we think say and do.”
– Bruce Loeffler
Attitude is a choice…yours, how to look, act and be effective, three types of employees, how Servicides® are killing our service and how to correct them, instilling the Likeability factor into service daily

R –


valuing staff as much we value our patients, it’s the little things and personal touch that differentiates us, personalizing our service, personalize our service, immediate service recovery is critical to our success, how to turn negative situations into positive experiences

E –


investing in our most important asset – our people, without these two components, you will not grow, how to become the “best” hospital in your state, the nevers to avoid if we plan to win, we must become experts at the basics, the Five Levels of Service Excellence© – how to reach the top

Please feel free to contact Brentwood Communications or Bruce Loeffler directly to explore how Wowmanship can invest in your people and your hospital.

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