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COVID-19: Spread the word to stop the spread!

Brentwood Communications, Inc. has produced a FREE generic print ad design and several designs for posting to your Facebook to help your hospital deliver useful and timely information about COVID-19 to your community. The information contained in these FREE materials comes directly from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( and other trusted resources. 

Contact BCI to receive one or more of the following FREE items.

COVID-19 Prevention

P001 • Print

P002 • Print

F008 • Facebook

F007 • Facebook

F001 • Facebook

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F003 • Facebook

F006 • Facebook

F017 • Facebook

F018 • Facebook

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F024 • Facebook

Response Appreciation

F004 • Facebook

F005 • Facebook

F013 • Facebook

F026 • Facebook

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F028 • Facebook

Health & Wellness Tips

F012 • Facebook

F009 • Facebook

F010 • Facebook

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F016 • Facebook

Hospital Reopening

Available through

Available through

P003 • Print

P004 • Print

F024 • Facebook

F025 • Facebook

Notes & Instructions

  • Email Brentwood Communications at
  • Facebook items cannot be modified
  • For print items, please be prepared to supply the following at the time of your request:
    1. exact file dimensions needed (width” x height”)
    2. address / phone / URL exactly as it should appear 
    3. acceptable high-resolution logo file (.ai, .eps, .png, .jpg) as it should appear on a white background

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