ER Wait Time Web App

is our new ER Wait Times APP and program that pushes ER wait times to your website, your digital billboard and now to your mobile phone as well!

A recent survey indicates that  91% believed the facility was more advanced technologically due to promoting wait times and 88% believed the facility cared more about them than facilities not posting wait times.

The BCI team installs the app and works with your IT team for a smooth launch. Our IT department will work with your hospital to establish the programming necessary for continuous updates to the electronic billboard, website and Smart Phone features. We provide the art and programming for your website, coordinate with your digital billboard company and set up your mobile web app.  It’s a turn-key program that is hassle free!

Then choose from a variety of print and outdoor signs for your ad campaign for a successful launch…and if you act now, the ad designs are all included with the cost of your APP and program!

Beat the competition and be the first in your market with the latest in ER and marketing technology. The FastER  app program is designed for hospitals, urgent care centers and other health care facilities allowing patients easy, up-to-date access to valuable Emergency Room wait time information – anytime, anywhere.

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