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Bring Disney–Quality Customer Experience to Your Hospital From a Disney Expert!

influence Marketing has teamed with Bruce Loeffler, author of One Minute Service and president of Enspiron Training. In his 10 years with Disney, Bruce was asked to be the Service Excellence Coordinator for the Disney Parks. He developed numerous training programs specializing in service excellence, motivation, communication, leadership and the Customer Experience.

His passion is to challenge, stretch and motivate employees and leaders to achieve excellence at every level. This commitment to service excellence has been the cornerstone of his training and can transform the patient experience to patients and their families throughout your organization. Bruce has trained over 100 hospitals across America, including Mt. Sinai Medical Center, San Francisco General and the WellStar Health System.

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The Care and Feeding of Customers

All successful organizations revolve around the care and feeding of customers. First impressions are critical; little things make a big difference; attitude and likeability are vital attributes; and recovering from service mistakes quickly is essential. These are just three tenets emphasized through this unique and quick read. Loaded with action-ready, immediately applicable ideas for providing great customer service with nearly all of them achievable in just a few seconds, this is what One Minute Service is all about. We live in a world where businesses are endlessly obsessed with numbers and the bottom line. Yet those numbers are driven by the behaviors of customers and the people who serve them. The warning is clear: Any business that pays attention to the numbers at the expense of ignoring customers places itself in serious jeopardy. The essence of the Disney methods for creating an outstanding service culture is spelled out in this workshop conference for your hospital by a speaker who spent years living and working in it.

How to Turn Apathetic and Negative Staff Into Raving Fans

Understand how Servicides™ are negatively impacting the patient experience, and how to turn apathetic and negative staff into raving fans who feel empowered to deliver excellence to each patient and to their co-workers. Remember: the most important “customer” is the person caring for each patient in our beds.

Bruce brings a unique guide to mastering the art of customer service and service relationships, based on the principles employed at the renowned leader in customer experience — the Walt Disney Company. Co-Author of two books, “One Minute Service” and “The Experience”, Bruce Loeffler spent ten years at Disney World overseeing service excellence. His training workshop shows your team how to bring that same level of care and value to your own organization. Based on the I. C.A.R.E. model, the five principles — Impression, Connection, Attitude, Response, and Exceptionals — give you a solid framework upon which to raise the level of your customer experience. You will learn how to identify your customer service issues and what level of Experience you are currently offering. You can then determine exactly what the “customer experience” should be for your hospital, and the changes required to make it happen.

The Walt Disney Company is the most recognized name in the world for customer service. The “Disney Experience” draws customers from all around the world. This workshop guides you through what it takes to achieve that level of Experience, and how any hospital can do it with the right strategy and attention to detail. When the Experience is enhanced, the opportunity arises to convert customers to ambassadors who will share their Experience with others.

  • Our #1 goal is to make yours the most caring, friendly hospital in America
  • Help design a Culture of Service Expectations to elevate the importance of others
  • Understand how Servicides™ offend and frustrate both patients and frontline staff
  • Introduce six keys to service, attitudes and communication that will enhance HCAHPS
  • Create a Teamentality© to get along and support each of your team members 
  • Invest in each employee to apply to their personal and professional growth
  • Understand the Four Disney Expectations every patient and guest has of your hospital
  • Identify “the Experience” every patient desires and how to give it to them.
  • Learn the five levels of the Experience, and why most hospitals fail at it
  • Identify service issues that must be resolved for your hospital to be successful
  • Utilize the Experience Quotient and apply the I. C.A.R.E. Principles
  • Learn how to convert customers into ambassadors who share their story with others
  • Find “the Experience” and what it means to the organization

We will not settle for average or mediocrity…and neither should you! Customers/patients are the lifeblood of business. A great product offering isn’t enough in today’s marketplace, where everyone’s looking for an “experience.” Imagine the kind of value a Disney-level customer experience could bring to your hospital. This workshop Experience is a guide to getting there, from an insider’s perspective.

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