Drive Thru Flu Shots Novel Idea from Gonzales Healthcare System

Over 500 people took advantage of the “Drive-Thru Flu Shot” service¬†offered by Gonzales Healthcare System in Gonzales Texas in October this year. This¬†is the 12th year the hospital has offered this unique, convenient way to take care of the annual flu shot. The marketing team of Holly Danz and Melissa Collazo coordinated the event, setting […]

21 February 2015
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Encourage Happy Patients To Fill Out Your Survey!

A patient who had an unhappy experience at your hospital is far more likely to fill out the patient satisfaction survey they recieve at home, which skews the results you receive in your survey tabulation. It’s harder to get happy patients to fill out your patient satisfaction surveys. So encourage them with this ad/poster/flyer we created this week and added to the BCI hospital AdBank.