Gravity Data Analytics

Our GRAVITY model finds and attracts commercially insured HH’s that are not your patients; the most profitable new patients for your hospital.

*  Uses our proprietary National Data Analytics Model combined with field-tested direct marketing campaigns.
*  Tracks and measures how many patients the campaign pulled and how much revenue was generated.
*  Generates a Response Report including ROI to prove exactly how well the campaign worked.
*  Gives hospital CEO’s what they need to build market share while reducing out-migration

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Other Campaign Tracking and Measurement Tools

In addition to GRAVITY we also offer Internet Call Routing and PURLS (Personalized URL’s) to allow you to track and measure individual ad campaigns. And that makes every CFO we know very happy!

Healthy Traffic Packages

We’ve put together marketing campaigns for some of the most popular hospital services such as Digital Mammography and Colonoscopy to provide a convenient method of marketing diagnostic and surgical services directly to the patient through full programs that contain ad campaign packages as well as the tracking service that allows you to measure response.


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