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How To Use Social Media To Energize Your Next Event

Community outreach plays an important role for any hospital. Hosting an event that gets the public involved is a great way to demonstrate that your hospital really cares about your community. And whether it’s a blood drive or a maternity class, a wellness fair or a free blood-pressure screening, every hospital event has one critical component.

They’re only successful if people know about them. And that’s where social media comes in.

In today’s plugged-in world, informing your community through social media is critical. Here are four easy ways to use social media and boost attendance at your next hospital event.

1) Update Your Website

Feature the event on your website homepage. Make it prominent. If you use sliders, create a new one for the event. Include a “Click Here for More Information” button, which leads to a web page with more details and a sign up form.

2) Create a Facebook Event

It’s easy. On your hospital’s Facebook page, just click “Event” under News Feed in the left menu to get started. You can also boost your post to target a specific audience. Click “Boost Post” in the lower right hand corner of the post, then select your audience and budget.

3) Use Instagram

If available, post photos from last year’s event to generate interest and communicate a real sense of the event.

4) Follow Up

After the event, post behind-the-scenes photos or vides of the event to your social media outlets to create even more buzz. People love to see who attended (including themselves).

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