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Reducing Outmigration

Our practice is strategic brand communications. Our specialty is hometown hospitals.


Outmigration is a serious threat to your hospital, and the odds seem stacked against you. Armed with huge marketing budgets and staff, big city hospitals can out-spend and reposition you as a second-tier facility.

It’s not a fair fight…until now. Here’s your slingshot.

Hospitals like yours face unique challenges as you fight outmigration to the big city hospital. The lure of “bigger is better” is a siren song to many in your community, leading to significant outmigration numbers and millions of dollars leaving your community for services they could have received at home in your hospital.

We’ve helped hometown hospitals all across America to reduce outmigration and increase market share with field-tested strategies and all the marketing and measurement tools your hospital needs to be successful in the fight.

Marketing Process       Marketing-Timeline

We begin with a deep dive analysis to assess the benefits and advantages your hospital offers. Often we add a market audit that includes on-the-ground research and an assessment of your hospital marketing environment. Additionally, we develop a strategic marketing communications plan with budget, timeline and detailed media recommendations.

The plan is supported by an array of marketing tools we have developed over the years including our unique, online Hospital AdBank with over 5,000 marketing pieces readily available for one low monthly subscription. Read more about AdBank as well as our other marketing tools including My Hometown Health consumer magazines, SMARTSite websites, GRAVITY data analytics, FastER Wait Time Web Display Tool and more.

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