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The 3 keys to creating a powerful social-media story

Part 2 in a 5-part series: Tom Whetstone, Director of Marketing and Communications at North Alabama Medical Center – Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital, share his insights on how to create a successful social media post.

1) Find a Creative, Interesting Angle

A doctor recently joined our hospital staff during the start of the school year. On the first day of school, the doctor posted a picture of him and his two school-age children. He was holding a sign that said “My first day at Family Practice Associates!” That made the posting fun! People wanted to share it. The post got 4,300 views—three to four times more than what a standard physician introduction usually receives.

2) The More People, The Better

Social media is all about creating buzz and excitement. When people see somebody they know on your hospital’s social media, that’s exciting. For example, we recently posted a story about a 10th grader who had been diagnosed with diabetes. Her classmates came to visit her, and we posted a picture of the entire group. It was highly successful (around 14,000 views) because people saw a friend or loved one in the picture and wanted to share it.

3) Share Stories That Speak To the Heart

Our most popular post, which had 45,000 views, was the story of one of our staff members going way beyond the call of duty to help a terminally ill patient who wanted to be baptized. People naturally respond to stories of compassion and kindness.

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