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The power of social media: word-of-mouth on steroids

Part 5 in a 5-part series: Tom Whetstone, Director of Marketing and Communications at North Alabama Medical Center – Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital, discusses why he is such a big fan of social media.

“Almost 20 years ago, this hospital developed a perception for having a problem with infection occurrences. Even today, believe it or not, that perception is still held by a small minority in our community. So we’re using social media to correct that misperception. Whenever our hospital receives high marks for our infection rates, we post the news on social media to inform our community.

“Posting on social media helps us establish real credibility. I can run an ad or write a press release that shares the good news about our infection rates. But that’s still the hospital talking. Social media is great because it starts a conversation. It gets people posting and sharing their opinion and saying good things about our hospital. The community is saying the hospital has changed for the better, not the hospital. And that’s a powerful way to tell our story.”

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