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Why does your hospital need to be implementing an effective digital media strategy to increase patient acquisition? Because, if you’re not, your competitors almost certainly are.

Whether it’s buying banner ads on strategically chosen websites or providing relevant health information to consumers, hospitals are investing more and more dollars in digital media. According to Medical Marketing and Media-Online, the areas of medical marketing that saw the largest budget increases in 2015 were all digital: content development, search engine marketing, social media and paid digital advertising.

There’s a very good reason hospital are making this investment in digital media: consumer eyeballs are increasingly focused on the Internet. According to Pew Research data, 72% of Internet users have looked online for health information in the past year. And 38% of Internet users have conducted searches for hospitals and other medical facilities.

Fortunately, hospital marketers today have an unprecedented ability to reach these Internet users. Using existing consumer data, they can now use powerful analytic tools to target and segment that audience, identify the most effective channels of communication and deliver the right message and call to action to optimize their digital marketing campaigns. Reporting tools measure the persuasive power of your marketing and the ROI it’s generating as well as refine and improve its effectiveness/ As a result, marketers know exactly what’s working when it comes to spending their hard-earned marketing dollars.

Brentwood Communications has recently partnered with a national leader in data-driven advertising to help our hospital clients optimize their digital marketing. For more information, please call Chuck Snyder at 615-425-0821.

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