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How Facebook Provides A Face-To-Face with Your Customers

How can your hospital’s advertising become more effective and efficient by targeting exactly the audience you want to reach with pinpoint accuracy? Consider the power of using Facebook ads.

Let’s say you want to promote your hospital’s mammography technology and expertise. With Facebook targeted advertising, you can specify your audience by gender (female) and age group (40+). You can also define your audience more precisely by location, education level, interests and connections (people who have liked your Facebook page). As a result, you maximize the effectiveness and value of your marketing by talking directly and only to the people who are interested in your specific message.

Facebook advertising also gives you the power to control what you spend. You can set budget limits for one ad or for an entire campaign. You can also keep track of the number of people who have seen and engaged with your ad to measure its success. You even have the option to split test Facebook ads on your own.

Facebook continues to add more precise targeting options to its ad platform. And with people spending more time on digital and less time watching TV, Facebook advertising is becoming more and more an essential marketing tool.

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