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Outsmart Your Deductible

Help your patients make the most of their health insurance at year end.

In most retail environments the “holiday season” – November through December – is notoriously busy. Businesses stock up on extra product, hire additional staff and prepare for an increase in customers and activity.

The healthcare industry, in contrast, is not driven by seasonality. Hospitals and medical clinics don’t normally experience the ups and downs of “peak seasons” as compared to the retail world. To be sure, there are some exceptions to this, most notably summertime (more allergies, ER visits and back-to-school physicals), as well as the peak of flu season in February.

However, as in the retail world, November and December can be a “seasonal” opportunity for hospitals and clinics to see an increase in patient activity.

Here’s how:
Most Americans have some form of health insurance, and most policies come with annual deductible amounts for out-of-pocket expenses. Those deductible limits will reset to the full amount beginning every January.

As the calendar year draws to an end, many people will have met their out-of-pocket maximums, and therefore additional healthcare expenses beyond that point could be minimal or even zero. That’s why the end of the year is a good time to remind your community to do something about those neglected medical needs . . . a minor surgery, a recommended mammogram, an overdue colonoscopy or simply an annual wellness exam. The list goes on.

Hospitals and associated clinics would be wise to embrace this year-end opportunity by promoting the many advantages of scheduling those overdue or neglected healthcare procedures before year end, during which out-of-pocket costs could be less than at other times of the year. Not only would it stimulate utilization of the hospital’s key health services, it would encourage preventive care and thereby elevate the overall health and well-being of the community. After all, that’s why the hospital exists in the first place.

Marketing Application
November and December provide a perfect opportunity for hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers to raise awareness as to how their patients might take advantage of insurance deductibles to schedule appointments and procedures before the end of the year. Primary care providers, general or orthopedic surgeons and women’s health providers are appropriate medical specialists to promote this awareness. Effective marketing tools should include a strong call to action to schedule an appointment. These messages can be effectively delivered through social media, digital media and traditional print media.

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