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45 is the new 50! Colorectal Cancer Awareness

45 is the new 50! Did you know there are new guidelines for colorectal cancer screening?

For decades, the American Cancer Society recommended that adults who are at average risk for colorectal cancer start having regular colonoscopies at age 50. Recently, however, that recommendation has changed.

The newest guideline is that colorectal cancer screenings should begin at age 45.

Why the change? Cases of colorectal cancer are on the rise among young and middle-age people. From 2008 to 2017 deaths of people under age 55 have increased one percent each year even though the number of colorectal cancer cases has declined steadily during that same time period.

Average-risk adults in good health should continue colorectal cancer screening through age 75. Colonoscopies should be performed every 10 years unless your medical provider recommends more frequent testing. People with a higher risk of colorectal cancer, such as a family history, should consult their medical provider to determine the best age to start screening.


Marketing Application
March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. As a result, overall awareness of colorectal cancer screenings and the lifesaving benefits of a colonoscopy is extremely high for this important and serious medical condition. Consider using this opportunity to raise awareness about colorectal cancer screenings and encourage community members to consult with a primary care provider. Gastroenterologists, internal medicine providers and general surgeons are the appropriate voices to promote this awareness. Effective marketing tools might include social media, digital media and print, in tandem with a strong call to action to learn more about heart disease and to schedule an appointment with a local provider.

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