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Do Employees have a Choice?

Do Employees Have a Choice? – By Bruce Loeffler, Customer Service Expert

Employees in healthcare today have the opportunity to choose where they want to go.  You’ve heard the old expression: People join a Company, but they leave their manager.

From my experience, our role as leaders is to give our people roots and purpose and a reason to feel “part of something” that is bigger than themselves. 

As Psychologist, William James quipped, “The deepest craving of human beings is the need to feel appreciated.”

Our training focuses on investing in your people, motivating, challenging and expecting the very best from each individual. The role of a leader is to unleash an employee’s ability to be do and become their best in whatever their role. We believe BCI’s “Spirit of Excellence” training will equip each employee with the tools and personal growth to succeed and achieve greatness in their role.

When employees feel we care and are willing to invest our best in order to help them achieve their best, you have made the ultimate difference.

Check out my book, “The Experience,” log onto BCI’s Customer Experience Training or call 615-425-0821 to help transform your service.

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