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Do You Really Care? Part 1

Do you really care? – By Bruce Loeffler, Customer Service Expert

That’s a valid, yet salient question.

It’s a fact: 68% of people who leave or switch where they do business is due to one thing: Apathy…they don’t believe we care! And most of those will never tell us why they left.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve trained over 130 hospitals and clinics. I’ve seen terrific service and I’ve seen service that, frankly, stinks!

Patients are more savvy and their expectations are higher than ever before. COVID has pushed our service and training back two years…most hospitals and staff are not ready to meet expectations this fall.

We can help you.

Check out my book, “The Experience,” log onto BCI’s Customer Experience Training or call 615-425-0821 to help transform your service.

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