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Our Practice is Brand Communications—and Our Specialty is Hospitals

Our practice is brand communications and our specialty is hospitals. As a full-service advertising and brand marketing agency, we have developed expertise over our 20+ years as a company in all the media channels that our clients need including print, direct marketing, TV, DRTV, radio, outdoor, web development, internet marketing, digital marketing, collateral, in-store marketing, and more. We are also pleased to be a full-service health care magazine publishing company offering fully developed consumer health magazines for hospitals across America under the title My Hometown Health.

We also believe our clients need to know how well their marketing campaigns are working, so we offer complete data analytics, tracking and measurement tools all the way through revenue reconciliation, including our own program called GRAVITY for hospitals. So, when the CFO asks, “How did it work” and “Did we spend our money well,” our clients can answer with confidence!

Building great brands requires a foundation of knowledge about your clients and your competition which we provide through multiple research methods…consumer, business to business, and through a proprietary system called Market Audits. Our company is just as familiar with the new internet research methods as it is with traditional survey methods.

Smart Growth Solution Strategic Branding

Smart Growth Strategic Market Solution is influence Marketing’s cornerstone strategy to grow your hospital’s revenue and fight outmigration. The comprehensive program includes assessment, planning, creative messaging for appropriate media and ongoing monthly implementation and support.

Perception is reality. Every customer or prospect for your hospital or business has a perception already planted in their mind from the advertising, the experiences, and the numerous touches they have encountered. But is it reality? Does it line up with the true brand identity of your company? Knowing the answer to this question is the beginning of building a great brand.

Hospital AdBank

AdBank is a comprehensive, multi-media sharing service of advertising and marketing tools specifically created to help non-urban hospitals increase admissions and fight outmigration. Everything you need to promote your hospital brand and its products and services is available online through AdBank. All at your fingertips and available as part of influence Marketing’s Smart Growth Solution program.

Digital Smart

influence Marketing’s digital marketing program that allow our clients to effectively reach prospective patients on the web and social media when and where they are engaged online. Our three-prong approach utilizes Facebook, Search Engine Marketing, and Web Display ads to target a digital audience for our clients. 

My Hometown Health Consumer Magazine

My Hometown Health consumer magazine offers the convenience of a beautiful, fully designed quarterly magazine with enough flexibility to allow as much customization as the hospital desires by using online tools that provide alternate copy and photos, or by providing your own editorial material.

Smart Site Website Development and Hosting

influence Marketing offers website development, hosting and maintenance services that include the latest technology for taking advantage of social media, measuring traffic through analytics, SEO optimization, content management tools and fresh, appealing design that turns your site into an interactive tool, not just an online brochure.

FastER Wait Time Display Tool

FastER is influence Marketing’s Emergency Room Wait Time Display Tool program that pushes current ER wait times to your website, your digital billboard and now to a patient’s mobile phone!

Smart Access ADA Hosting

influence Marketing’s Smart Access program sets up your website to conform to the WCAG AA standards and Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), making it accessible for the disabled using AI technology for an effective but cost-effective solution. Powered by AI, influence Marketing’s Smart Access installs an interface for vision impaired, scans and adjusts code for screen readers, prepares accessible web files for user browser viewing, implements daily scans and updates code for new content and creates an accessibility statement for review.

Smart Social Media Management

Smart Social is a monthly program of social media content generation and placement on your hospital’s social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Included in the program is tracking and measuring of engagements, likes, shares, posts and comments resulting from your hospital’s social media efforts. (coming in 2023!)

Gravity 2.0 Digital Market Magnet

GRAVITY 2.0 finds and attracts commercially insured patients to your hospital, clinic or physician using digital marketing. The GRAVITY 2.0 process uses thousands of online touch points to identify patients who are commercially insured and delivers your message with digital marketing. It utilizes the latest digital marketing techniques to target the commercially insured audience, with the right message. A digital campaign of web banner, Facebook and paid search advertising reaches your prospect when they are interested and looking for your service. When they click on your ad it is tracked through your website landing page to a form fill, a phone call or other call to action.

QuickStart New Provider Introduction

The QuickStart New Provider Marketing Campaign offers your hospital the tools for introducing and welcoming new physicians into your community, announcing the upcoming launch of new medical practices and much more! Get new physicians on the fast track to success with high-quality marketing campaigns that are specifically designed to have new physicians up and running on Day 1 of their practice.

TeleSmart Telemedicine Awareness

And if you are planning to roll out a telemedicine service in your community, or have already done so, then you need great marketing to let your patients and community know. The influence Marketing TeleSMART digital marketing tool utilizes the latest digital marketing techniques to target the right audience, with the right message.

Customer Service Training

influence Marketing has teamed with Bruce Loeffler, author of One Minute Service and president of Enspiron Training. In his 10 years with Disney, Bruce was asked to be the Service Excellence Coordinator for the Disney Parks. He developed numerous training programs specializing in service excellence, motivation, communication, leadership and the Customer Experience.

Market Research and Brand Audits

Market Audits are the first step in fighting outmigration by using a proprietary, qualitative approach to determining the perception of your hospital in the four key brand equity components of (1) awareness, (2) quality, (3) associations and (4) brand loyalty. They form the foundation for a Strategic Marketing Communications Plan which is the deliverable of this process.

Consumer Research quantifies how your hospital is doing versus your competitors in important areas such as community perception of quality, ER, surgical services, women’s services, outpatient services, ad awareness, and other preferences. These custom projects are based on years of experience and expertise in multiple methodologies.

Data Analytics

The influence Marketing Gravity Market Magnet Program uses data analytics to identify your best prospects, appeal to them with brand and product messages and track their response through revenue reconciliation. Healthy Traffic Packages provide a convenient method of marketing diagnostic and surgical services directly to the patient through full programs that contain ad campaign packages as well as the tracking service that allows you to measure response. Campaign tracking and measurement tools include Internet call routing, PURLS (personalized URL’s), and data analytics to track response through revenue reconciliation and to the website.

Creative Services

As brand communication specialists, influence Marketing offers a complete range of creative services necessary to produce the wide spectrum of marketing and communications materials to maximize our clients’ effectiveness. These services include concept development, graphic design, copywriting, art direction, illustration, copy editing, broadcast development, web programming and more.

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